At Fireside we offer a therapeutic activity based program that helps individuals stay engaged cognitively, physically and spiritually. From the moment our members arrive to the moment they leave, they are being offered activities from baking, active & table games, men’s and ladies groups, inside and outside specials, musical and comedic entertainment, and much more!

Since Fireside began offering this ministry to the public in 2009, we have helped over 700 families who have been affected by Dementia/Alzheimer’s, mental and physical impairments, depression, lack of stimuli/engagement and so on.

Our goal and concept is to provide a safe, caring and family oriented program. Offering to the community, a reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive safe place to leave their loved one during the day while working or getting respite time all the while knowing they will be respected and cared for by both trained and compassionate staff.

Please read on for more in depth information about the program, thank you.

11771 Newburgh Rd. Livonia, MI 48150
Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm